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We have an ambitious goal to help everyday people in communities all over get financially secured so they can Live Better.  We do this by providing the best financial planning experience for people who are looking for Simple, Safe and Affordable solutions to Plan and Protect their and their family’s future.

To get there, we are looking to partner with local tax preparers to create a Win-Win-Win outcome where YOU can add more value and income to your business, your CLIENTS get access to quality and affordable financial planning and WE get to serve our mission of providing people a chance to live their most fulfilling – wholesome lives through financial security.


We offer two options for working with us.

Option A: Become a REFERRAL PARTNER and Earn $50 for every Qualified Referrals.  or

Option B: Become a FRANCHISED BASED PARTNER with our turnkey opportunity to Add Insurance and Financial Services to your business and earn more.

Please note that this page is dedicated for entrepreneurial professionals interested in marketing Insurance and Financial Services.  As such, our “Partners” are not employees but rather Independent Contractors.  Please read further to determine if this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

A: Referral Partner

How It Works


You Mention Us*

(give them our flyer)


They get a Free

(valued at $150)


You Earn $50

Per Qualified Referrals**

~ $0 Investment – Minimal Effort – Quick and Easy To Start
(just mention we’re an affiliate partner & present them our flyer)

*  We can provide flyers and other marketing signs in your office at no cost to you.
** Referrals are not required to purchase any products or services in order for you to receive your referral fee.  They simple have to be “Qualified“, meaning that they have the intent, resources*** and authority to do financial planning.
*** Minimum resource means at least $20K in investable assets or ability to fund at least $100 monthly towards any savings or insurance plan.  We will make that determination when we gather their information.  Every 10 referrals will earn you $500.00.

Imagine sharing with your clients that you have a partnership with us to offer your clients access to affordable financial planning to help them enhance their financial picture. You also mention our free consultation offer. When we meet with them, we will start by understanding their situation, goals and concerns.  

If we determine that we are able to help them, we will offer them our discounted planning options. Our planning fees are a fraction of the cost of traditional planning fees due to our number of discount programs as well as the option to only pay for specific plans (e.g. Retirement Plan, College Savings Plan or Budget Plan). See our “Pricing” page for details.

Our Plans come a 100% money back guarantee if they are not satisfied for any reason.  This is unheard of in our industry.


I understand the work and commitment it takes to earn a client’s trust and referring out your clients is something you probably don’t take likely. I share your same concerns. That is why I propose we get to know each other and our business philosophies to ensure we can be good partners.  Let me buy you coffee or lunch to see if we can begin this journey.


Contact me directly at: (847) 337-83231 or ty@wholesomefinancial.com.  
I look forward to hearing from you.

Ty Lim, Chief Partner and Financial Strategist

B: Franchise Based Partner

How It Works


We Get You Set Up, Provide Training, Tools & Support

(to help ensure your Success)


You Provide Simple & Affordable Planning

(or we can do the work for you)


You Have More Happy Clients & Earn More Money

(rapid expansion plan available)

* Set Up process can be as quick as 2-3 weeks.  This entails getting the appropriate licenses and contracting with product providers.  Training and support is ongoing.
** If you are too busy with tax filings, we can do ALL the work and share the earnings with you.
*** If you are ambitious, we can help you expand as large as your your ambition calls for.


Enjoy the Benefits of Being a Member of our Family:

*  Expand your business to include our Simple, Safe and Affordable Financial Planning Services and Products.

*  Receive Rich Training, Support and Tools for Success.

*  Grow at your own pace without the pressure of quotas and have your Independence to work When, Where, How often and with Whom you choose.

*  Gain the knowledge and tools to help others and yourself be Financially Empowered.

*  Be rewarded with a very generous compensation plan to build a growing residual income stream.

*  Make lifelong friends and enjoy memorable trips with fellow Partners that share similar values and aspirations as you.


Our Partners can feel confident and proud to be part of a company that is committed to doing Good and doing Right while offering effective and affordable solutions to enrich people’s lives.

Our Ideal Partner

We believe that the foundation of any successful partnership starts with shared Values and Beliefs.  With that, we BELIEVE that:

  • People should always come before profit and that we strive to provide the very best Value and Service for our clients.
  • Our clients are the reason why we exist and we are grateful for the privilege to serve them and their families.
  • Our distribution Partners are the ones that ultimately serve the communities and they deserve the best Training, Resources and Rewards for their hard and honorable work.


If you share these similar Values and Beliefs, then I believe there is a strong potential for us forge a successful partnership.  Let’s meet to get to know one another and discover this possibility.

You can reach me directly at (847) 337-8321 or ty@wholesomefinancial.com

Ty Lim
Chief Partner and Financial Strategies

GROW Your Tax Business