Quality Financial Planning

At a Fraction of Traditional Cost*

We have designed our business around the idea that hard working middle income citizens should have access to quality financial planning.  We also want to acknowledge public servant employees for their contribution to society.  With that in mind, we are proud to offer generous discounts for individuals and families in these categories.

In addition to the discount programs, we also offer the ability to pay for only what you need.  So if you’re only focus is on Retirement Planning, we can do just that or if you have a need to plan for your child’s college education, we can create a plan for only that as well.  Of course if you seek a holistic plan, we’ll be happy to help.

As you can see from our pricing schedule below, our combination of generous discount programs along with individual plan pricing options can allow you to get quality financial planning for what you need at a Fraction of traditional cost.*

1.  Special Discount: This discount is only offered to Public Servants as well as individuals and families with an annual household income below $80,000.

Public Servants include: Teachers, Nurses, Police Officers, Firefighters, Military, Charity Workers, and all other Employees of Nonprofit Organizations and Municipalities.

2.  Annual Check Up Plan: This optional service includes up to 4 hours of Consult, Research and Review annually to make any necessary adjustments and help ensure you stay on track.

* Traditional Industry Fees: Financial planning fees can vary greatly based on complexity and assets under management.  Here are some industry norms for your reference:

Comprehensive plan can range between $1500-5000, with average plan costing $1900* (* college of financial planning)

Hourly rate range between $100-$400 with the average rate at $175/hr.  Portfolio management fee range between 0.9% – 5.5%.  Retainer Fees range between $600 – $3600/yr.

All Plans Will Address 3 Key Areas:


1.  Where You Are Now:
An analysis of Current Situation and projected path.

2.  Where You Want To Be:
Your future Goal Requirement projection.

3.  Getting You There:
My Recommended Action Plan
with possible alternatives and their pros and cons.

Here is a sample of what a Retirement Plan looks like.

What Our Clients Appreciate About Us:

Our ability to make the financial planning process Simple, Safe and Affordable.

Our expertise in blending Growth, Safety and Tax Efficient Strategies.

The care and personal fiduciary duties we have to our clients.

Our ability to help implement certain savings or protection program and shop for overall best value.

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee on all plans (unheard of in our industry).

Our social commitment to give 10% of our company’s profit to philanthropic causes.

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