My Story:

My family (except for an older brother) and I were rescued here from the war-torn Cambodia in 1979 where approximately one third of the country’s population died from starvation or execution.

Escaping that horrific experience caused me to be very grateful to be alive and have freedom to do many things most of us take for granted everyday.  It also gave a sense of obligation to reciprocate the kindness that was given to me and my family when we were rescued here.

That experience heavily shaped my attitude and aspiration towards life – which are: 1 – Being Grateful for life and Passionate about living it to its fullest and 2 – Empowering others to live theirs.

Today, I am a blessed family man with two fun and loving kids and enjoying life.

My Why:

As stated, my WHY is living my best life & empowering others to live theirs.  I call this life a Wholesome Life, one that is Meaningful, Happy and Fulfilled.

This is why Wholesome Financial Partners exist.  I believe a key component of living the most wholesome life requires having the financial resources that affords us the ability to:

♦ Provide for ourselves and our family.
♦ Spend time with the people we care about.
♦ Have/ Do the things we have always dreamed of.
♦ Give to charities and leave a legacy that we and our future generations can be proud of.


This is what living a Wholesome Life means to me.

My Work:

I began in industry as a fee based advisor in 2001.  In my previous career, I served as president for a insurance and financial service company.  In 2015, I started Wholesome Financial Partners Inc.  Operating as a social enterprise, our aim is to do as much good as we can within and outside the scope of our business.  In addition to the various outreach programs, I also pledge to give at least 10% of the company’s profit to other philanthropic causes.

My business and life philosophy is a simple one: Be Good, Do Good.   I am the creator of:  Financial Empowerment Planner, a simple but powerful financial planning program.  I enjoy giving workshops as well as train and mentor professional in the industry.

My work is more than a job, a career or a business. It is a lifestyle and a commitment to contribute to a better society while living life to its fullest and empowering others to live theirs.


Thank you for your interest.  I would be delighted and privileged for the opportunity to help you enhance your financial security so that you and your family can live your most carefree and fulfilling life – a Wholesome Life!


Ty Lim, Chief Partner and Financial Strategist
(847) 337-8321