Financial Planning & Coaching

Financial planning doesn’t have to be complicated. Our Financial Empowerment Model provides the framework to making sure you have a solid financial foundation.

It consist of simply 3 key areas to address. They are: Spend Mindfully, Protect Adequately and Save Powerfully. When these foundations are strong, we can then begin to Live more Joyously.

To help get you on the right track, we are offering a Free Planning Session.

Wealth Building, Preservation & Transfer

Nobody wants to just get by.  We want to thrive financially so that we can secure our financial present and future and be able to have and do the things that are important to us and take care of people and charities we care deeply about. And when our time is up, we want to leave as much as we can to the people and charities we care about.

This to us is what a Wholesome Life is all about, one that is Meaningful, Happy and Fulfilled.

To help you live your most Wholesome Life, we have a plan to help you Build and Preserve your wealth and when you time is up, we can also help you Transfer your wealth to your estate most efficiently.

CDs & Stock Market Alternatives

CD‘s have their place in providing guaranteed protection of your money. However, they don’t allow us to have good earnings of our money nor do they offer any tax benefits. So, when it comes to saving for our future goals, this vehicle will not allow your money to work hard and grow powerfully.

On the other end of the savings spectrum, investing in the Stock Market can provide good earnings potential. However, that potential comes with the risk of losing some or all of our savings, as we have witnessed in 2008 when Americans lost an average of 39% in their retirement, 529 college savings plan, and all other accounts where money was invested in the market.

The good news is that there is a Better, Smarter way to save that blends these two extremes – providing Guaranteed Safety and Good Earnings potential while also receiving Generous Tax Benefits.

We call this type of “hybrid” savings strategy – Insured Indexed Savings. This savings method truly offers the best of both worlds, allowing one to capitalize on some or all of the market gains while having protection of your savings when the market is down.

Come visit us and find out more how this popular strategy can help you achieve your financial goals.

Tax Advantaged Strategies

The IRS created tax laws and rules to allow us to maximize our savings for important life goals, such as Retirement and College Education.

Unfortunately, most people are not taking full advantage of all the benefits available to them.

We all work hard for our dollars. By not taking full advantage of the tax benefits available to us, we are not allowing our dollars to work hard for us.

Allow us to help you maximize your hard earned dollars so that you can pay less taxes and save more.

Rollovers & Transfers: IRA, Roth, 401K, 403B...

Do you have IRA‘s and Roth IRA‘s that are not performing to your liking or feeling nervous about the ups and downs? We can help you transfer them to an Insured Indexed Based IRA that can offer you guaranteed protection while having good earnings potential.

If you left or will be leaving a job where you have a 401k, 403b or 457b plan, we can also help you rollover to our specialized Insured Indexed Based IRA to provide the same guaranteed protection and good earnings potential.

Come visit us to learn of your options. We can make this transition painless for you.


Annuities can be confusing and are commonly misunderstood.  With so many types in the marketplace and opinions, it is no reason why most are confused and misinformed.

We can help you determine if annuities are suitable for you, and if so, we will research the best company and product for your unique situation and goals.

Among all the different types of annuities out there, the Fixed Indexed Annuities are currently the most popular. These types of annuities offer guaranteed safety with good earnings potential.

In addition, there are options to ensure you will have a lifetime of income, meaning that you can receive income from your annuity for as long as you live.

Come visit us to learn more. We promise you will leave our meeting feeling more empowered.

Get Empowered!

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