Major Illness

Critical and Chronic Illness

Cancers, Strokes & Heart Attacks has become common in today’s society. Nearly everyone knows someone who is a victim or they are victims themselves.

  • Every 30 seconds someone is diagnosed with CANCER.
  • Every 40 seconds someone has a STROKE.
  • Every 44 seconds someone suffers a HEART ATTACK.

Did you know that the number one cause of bankruptcies are due to medical bills.  Standard health insurance is simply not enough coverage if one is stricken with a critical or chronic illness.

Over 2 million Americans file for bankruptcy every year  …

… because of medical bills they no longer can afford to pay after most have liquidated all their life savings and assets.  Dealing with such illnesses is hard enough without the added financial devastation.

Having coverage for these all too common illnesses is critical to one’s  physical, mental as well as financial health.  The right plan can provide for funds to get the needed treatment while preserving your life savings and home.

Today’s life insurance products can offer this valuable and lifesaving coverage at no additional cost.  Come visit us to learn more about this very important matter.  You will be glad you did.