Hello and Welcome To Our Knowledge Center!

Being well informed on financial planning concepts is really the first step towards Financial Empowerment.  Sadly, most people are lacking in this important area.

Unfortunately the schools we grew up on neglected on this vital education and most of our parents can’t teach it to their kids as they also didn’t get adequate education on this subject.

To make matters worse, we end up relying on the advice of family, friends, co-workers, media source and self -proclaimed “financial experts” who may not be qualified or have your best interest in mind.

All this has led to more confusion. Additionally, getting bad advice can be detrimental to your financial health.

The deficiency people have in financial planning knowledge along with misguided information are the root cause of why so many people suffer financially.

When we are financially stressed, it creates a …

… ripple effect that affects all other parts of our life from relationship with our spouses and family members to our physical and mental health. It is a major cause many worrisome days and sleepless nights.

In this section, our aim is to empower you with the right knowledge so that you can begin to make more informed decisions on your financial present and future.

At this point we feel it is important to inform you that some opinions stated in this website are not objective by nature. Through our education, research and experience, we have formed our own sets of beliefs and recommendations that we believe to be sound and in the general consumer’s best interest. With this in mind, we hope that what you gather here makes good sense┬áto you.

It is our vision that everyday people become Financially Empowered and Live Better.

We sincerely wish this for you!