Financial Empowerment Model

Achieving Financial Security doesn’t have to be complicated or far-fetched. With the Right Knowledge and Tools, getting there can be SIMPLE, SAFE & AFFORDABLE!

Our Financial Empowerment Model provides a simple but critical framework to get you Financially Empowered so that you and your loved ones can Live Joyously.

It’s 3 foundational elements are:

  1.  Spend Mindfully,
  2.  Protect Adequately
  3.  Save Powerfully

When we have a good handle on these 3 foundational elements, we can have the peace of mind and financial resources to live more Joyously.

Spend Mindfully

We live in a world where thousands of companies are doing a very good job selling us their products and services.

The temptations everywhere, from Facebook ads, Phone apps and our Google searches, to buy things that we may not need which takes us further from the things we all really want most, which is Financial Security for us and our family.

The paradox for some of us is that we work too long and hard to earn income to buy things we don’t need to impress people we don’t care about.

It is critical for all of us to get present to where our hard earned money is going every day, week and month.

We need to be mindful of our spending habits and determine if the direction of our money is building other peoples’ financial security or ours.

To illustrate, if we eat out for lunch 5 days per week and spend $15 each time, that will add up to $300 per month. To see what $300 per month can do for and your family’s financial security, see one of our case study, Andrew.

The simple message here is to NOT live within or above our means but to live BELOW our means. When we continue do this, our “means” will grow, allowing us to have more freedom to do and buy things that are important to us.

The idea discussed here is not intended to take away everyday enjoyment.

The key message is really to BALANCE living for today and saving for the future.

After all, if we spend everything we earn (or more) then there will never be any savings for emergencies, rainy days, vacations or retirement.

It is never too early to save however it can be too late to save. The more years we have to save, the more time our money will have to grow and compound.

When we don’t save early, we lose out on those precious compounding growth.

“The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest” – Albert Einstein

“The money that money earns, earns money” – Ben Franklin

By having a clear picture of your financial goals and what it takes to get there, you’ll be more mindful of your spending and will want to make sure your hard earned dollars are working hard towards being Financially Empowered.

In working with us, we can help you analyze your expenses and find opportunities to help you lower it.

Protect Adequately

Protect Adequately is the second foundational element.

We insure all types of things – such as our home, cars, appliances, electronics, including our phones.

However, when it comes to insuring our Most Valuable Things in life (our Family’s Financial Security, our Income, our Savings), most of us are dangerously lacking in this area.

The alarming fact is that nearly half of U.S. adults don’t have Life Insurance to protect their loved ones and financial assets.

Having the right type and adequate protection is …

…imperative to any sound financial plan.

Without it, if an untimely death or critical illness (Stroke, Heart Attack, Cancer) should occur, you or your family will suffer much financial hardship if you are forced to deplete your life savings or sell your home to cover living expenses, funeral cost or large medical bills.

In short, the right insurance can protect your most valuable assets; your Loved Ones, your Savings and your Hopes for a secured future.

We offer Holistic & Affordable insurance products to provide you Peace of Mind.

Save Powerfully

The goals of Saving for Retirement, kid’s College and other Life Dreams can be daunting and frustrating.

Allocating the funds to save is challenging enough for most of us let alone finding the right vehicle to ensure it will grow nicely and be there when we need it most – for emergencies or life goals.

Unfortunately traditional vehicles such as Savings and CD’s offered by Banks and Stocks and Mutual Funds offered by Wall Street have proven ineffective for most wanting good and secured growth for the long term.

Bank products provide some safety, …

… however that safety comes at a cost of low interest earnings.

Wall Street products have the potential for good earnings but that comes with the risk of losing some or all of one’s savings.

The good news is that that is a Better, Smarter way to save that blends the two extremes – providing Safety and Good Earnings potential while also receiving Generous Tax Benefits.

Please check out our “A Smarter Way To Save” page to learn more.

Live Joyously

The rewards of strengthening the 3 foundational elements of our Financial Empowerment Model is Joyous Living.

We Live Joyously when we have Peace of Mind, knowing that we and your family are covered in the event the unfortunate happens.

We Live Joyously when we have Financial Abundance (“the means”) that affords us the ability to:

*  Support ourselves, our family & our future.
Spend time with people we care about.
*  Have & Do the things we’ve always dreamed of.

Give to charities we care about.
Leave a legacy that we & our family can be proud of.

We call this joyous life a Wholesome Life, one that is Meaningful, Happy & Fulfilled.

We believe that this is what everyone yearns for and this is our mission!

We sincerely wish this for you!

If this is a life that you yearn for, contact us to request your FREE of charge Checkup and Consultation and we will help you get on this journey.

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